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PAViX, universal and smart VOH hand-setting bracket. Taking its ground in the present and already ahead of its time, it provides unrivaled features.

Designed for watch manufacturers, their subcontractors as well as the aftersales services in house or throughout the world, PAViX’s ease of implementation and its ease of use will make it a leading product.

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Feature overview

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Hand-setting bracket
Automatic height adjustement
Force measurement



PAViX’s feat is to provide a complete control over the hand setting operation while reducing to a few seconds the time usually required to switch for one batch to another. These goals are achieved without challenging watchmakers’ dexterity or modifying the ergonomic principles applied to standard hand setting brackets. While assisted by technology, the watchmaker remains at the center of the process.


Complete control over height fitting as well as force fitting, PAViX makes sure that the movement is protected during the operation and that the space between hand is perfect and repeatable. PAViX allows production to be identical no matter who conduct the operation or where it is conducted. Complete operations’ traceability ensures that potential problems during production are detected, can be analyzed and accounted for. It provides reliable data regarding productivity and non-quality costs.


Flexible, wireless and ergonomic, PAViX is well suited for every products and work environment: from a single piece to mass production. With autonomy greater than 10 hours, a memory of 999 programs, a 7 position headstock and a chromatic atmosphere feedback that informs about the operation status, makes this new concept very user friendly. It quickly increases user’s productivity.


Ever since the watch was created, the hands were inalterably fitted onto the spinning cogs following the rhythm of days, hours, minutes and seconds that passes by. Whether they are chronograph hand or date hand, hands obey the same rules: they’re beautiful and free of scratches. They’re tightly fitted onto their axis and freely moving and crossing each other. However, they’ll never touch each other and will resist to the shock and various environmental constraints that the watch might suffer.

Hand-setting is fundamental while putting together a watch. The mastery and stability of this process are not trivial and the user’s technical gestures were the main source of inspiration of our development from the initial idea to the public release of PAViX. Our quest for perfection led us to analyze, try, decompose user’s movements and actions, study and understand the parameters that have an impact on the operation and its result.

This information, coming from a long lasting watchmaker tradition combined with a modern and pragmatic functional analysis, naturally led us to create this new product. It’s neither a machine nor a standard hand tool. It is a device that, led by human hand, allows perpetuating the precision of the movements but in a 2.0 fashion.

Artificial intelligence is omnipresent yet discreet. No wires or physical constraint. Human know-how and 21st century’s quality requirement meet perfectly to deliver appropriate, measured and documented operation. In one word: effective. Industry’s needs are flexibility, safety, quality traceability productivity and ergonomics.

In the watchmaking industry, perhaps more than anywhere else, human abilities such as precision, adaptivity, judgment, versatility, a sense for detail and what is beautiful are requirements to create “dream products”. However, variability, distraction, judgment errors are embedded within this great abilities. Problems that arise from that are most of the time accepted as “human factor”. They give birth either to fatalism or extensive automation which is costly, not versatile and usually difficult to setup, maintain or even not suitable to reach the foreseen objectives.

We decided to take a different approach. No fatalism or robots. The most appropriate solution. We decided to value human skills while controlling every technical aspect of the operation. This is how PAViX was born.

Precision and simplicity
Control and speed
Autonomy and flexibility
Adapted accessories
Patented System / registered design


Precision and simplicity

  • Space between hands perfect and repeatable through control and validation of the fitting height
  • Movement integrity preservation through force fitting control
  • Fitting for measurement up to 100N
  • Operation status feedback though chromatic atmosphere that do not require the operator’s attention
  • Cleats designed to prevent hands scratching
  • Stable supports through simple and reliable movement holders

Control and speed

  • 7 positions headstock used to store cleats and navigate through programs
  • Smart force sensor taking human reaction time into consideration
  • Mechanical stop automatically positioned in height with built-in spindle-stop detection
  • Tool free cleat replacement without adjustment or clamping
  • Cleat from headstock extraction friction free (passing by) and 100% secure
  • Individualized cleat’s height management linked to the bracket and automatic corresponding program adjustment
  • Individualized movement holder’s height management linked to the bracket and automatic corresponding program adjustment
  • Memory of up to 999 different programs


  • Program edition through PAViX display unit, independent from the brackets
  • Configurable traceability strategy trough Bluetooth ® bare code scanner and export via SD card
  • Qualitative and quantitative production monitoring as well as cleat high correction in case of drift
  • Possibility to standardize production throughout all devices with identical parameters despite location or user

Autonomy and flexibility

Battery operated with an autonomy > 10 hours thus wireless during usage.

Adapted accessories

  • Standard VOH movement holders available for all current movements
  • Steel and POM cleat as standard products in 39 dimensions
  • Steel cleat meant to be polished at will with a dedicated accessory

Patented System / registered design

PAViX was developed and fully patented by VOH, a guarantee of quality

CP66 Z.I. La Praye 5a
2608 Courtelary, Switzerland